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Back in August, it was brought to light that Jasmine Star had copied a multitude of witty quips and posted them on her social media sites presenting the thoughts as her own.  What started as a low murmur through the rankings of photographers gradually grew to a dull roar as photographers, even industry leaders such as Sal Cincotta and Gary Fong, stood up against the plagiarism.   Many fluffed it off though, stating it really wasn’t that big of a deal and it was nothing in comparison to whatDoug Gordon was caught doing weeks before.  Still, as Jasmine’s teaching niche has been about the business side of photography with an emphasis on injecting your personality into your brand, it was pretty shocking to many that her words were not in fact her own.  Jasmine did eventually offer an apology (which was deleted within a few days) and everyone went onto the next scandal in the photography world.

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