Daily Manna with Your Mug

THE TEN – Ninth Commandment

“Do not steal” Exodus 20, NLT

This is another one of those commandments that the everyday person thinks, “Well, I’m covered. I don’t steal cars, take from stores, or hold up liquor I’m good.” Mm. What about taking supplies from the office, or extra condiments from the restaurant, or everything and more from the hotel your staying in has to offer? As I write this, we are staying in a lovely hotel. 

When I worked in retail a couple of years ago, I learned a very important statistic. Did you know that there is more employee stealing in retail than we would like to know? “Loss prevention” employees are hired to watch over not only the customers who may steal, but from the employees! There is a cost for “the watch” and that cost is passed on the us, we consumers AND to the…

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